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Saturday, July 26th, 2014

PPersonalised Teddiesersonalised teddies are the ideal fundraiser for any occasion. As most of us know, a teddy bear is a plush toy that is stuffed with soft materials. It was originally named after United States President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was Teddy. Teddies are loved by not only children but virtually everyone. Personalised teddies can be customised with specific requirements such as person’s initial, person’s name or special date. It makes a special and unique gift or keepsake.

Teddy Bear Fundraisers
Having a teddy bear fundraiser is simple and easy. First, you choose the teddy bear you want from the wide array of personalised teddies. Next, you get to choose the teddy bear clothing that your plush animal will pounce around in. Each teddy can be uniquely dressed and customised for any occasion. Your bear can wear anything from hoodies to t-shirts to jumpers. Most clothing comes in a wide array of styles and colours. After you have chosen the teddy and the clothing, you can add personalised text. Any message that you choose is neatly embroidered on the clothing item that you have chosen.

Teddy Bear Occasions
No matter what the occasion is, there are personalised teddies that can be designed for that occasion.

Anniversaries make a great occasion for a teddy bear. Whether it is a 1st anniversary or a 50th anniversary, you can have a teddy bear personalised with names, dates and a humorous or romantic saying.

The birth of a child is one of the most popular occasions for personalised teddies. They can be customised with the newborn’s name and date of birth in order to create a lasting memory for many years to come. They can also be customised for a baby girl or baby boy.

Another popular teddy bear occasion is the birthday of a family member or loved one. They make the ideal gift for a 1st birthday, Sweet 16, 21st birthday or even 50th birthday.

Congratulatory teddy bears make an ideal gift whether you want to say Nice Job, Congratulations, Top Marks, Good Job or Well Done. These are ideal for pretty much anyone from colleague to friend to family member.

If someone you know is not feeling well or is in the hospital, a get well teddy can put a smile on their face. Get well personalised teddies can conveniently be delivered to the person’s place of work, home or hospital.

The loss of a loved one is one that is devastating for all loved ones involved. Sending a teddy bear to family or friends who are dealing with grief, can be one of the most touching tokens of sympathy and can provide comfort during a difficult time. These teddies can have consoling words of sympathy embroidered on them.
There is no better way to show a work colleague, employer or friend how appreciated they have been throughout the years than with a retirement teddy. Some great ideas for personalisation include their name, company name, the number of years of service, their job title along with a funny or touching message.

Friday, July 25th, 2014

The Monaco Grand PrixIf you love motor racing, then chances are that you have always dreamed of actually see the race live on the track. There are many different tracks around the globe where you can enjoy the thrill of the race, but Monaco really stands out from the crowd with its marina side track and some of the very best sites in Europe to see. The Monaco Grand Prix provides race track action at its very best, the thrill and heat of the track being combined with the glistening waters of the marina and super yachts.

When you choose Monaco for your destination for your Grand Prix experience in 2015, the best way to really enjoy the race is to book a hospitality package online. When you choose a hospitality package for your Formula 1 viewing, no details will be left out, and you can book your flights, accommodation, transfers, and much more all at one time.

A trip to the Monaco Grand Prix would not be complete without the chance to really mingle with the stars and wine and dine like a VIP. When you book a VIP hospitality package to Monaco, you will be able to choose from helicopter or limousine transfers and the chance to stay in some of the top hotels at the Monte Carlo marina. Monte Carlo also offers designer boutiques, the famous casino, and many other sights to see in Nice and the surrounding area.

Packages for the Monaco Grand Prix are available to suit different budgets and needs, and you can choose a romantic package for you and your partner, or combine the event with a business trip or a family holiday. Monaco and Nice are famous tourist destinations, enjoying warm temperatures and landmarks and landscapes that are truly breathtaking.

When you book online, you can also book restaurant reservations, making sure that you really dine in style and make the most of your trip. When you choose a VIP package, you will have exclusive entrance to the pit lanes as well as the Paddock Club and Amber lounge where you will be able to party with the stars at the after party to end all parties.

The Monaco Grand Prix allows you the option to book yacht hospitality, where you will stay in a hotel in the famous Monte Carlo marina and watch the race from on top of a super yacht. If you really want to party with the stars, Monaco is your one stop destination for some serious partying, sight seeing, and relaxation.

The track at the Monaco Grand Prix winds around the harbour itself, making it a one off experience for you and your party of guests. Travel in style from your home to your hotel, taking advantage of everything that a hospitality package has to offer you. Choose Monte Carlo as your destination for your race action in 2015 and you will be assured a race track experience that you will want to repeat year after year, the intensity of the action and the heat of the track bringing right to the heart of the very best race track action.

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Fat BurnersMore and more people today are contemplating about using a fat burning supplement to aid their weight loss program because sometimes no matter how much people exercise or watch what they eat, they still are not able to see positive results. It is for this reason that fat burners exist. They were formulated using stimulants and other substances that are known to bring about processes in the body that can increase metabolism, suppress appetite, or even affect the emotional well being of a person to prevent impulsive eating. Therefore, by simply looking at the claims of these supplements and the testimonials of those who have used them, it is easy to conclude that they do work. Still, many people are hesitant to start popping a pill of fat burning supplement because of one main reason: fear of its harmful side effects. Is there a strong basis for this fear?

Just like with any form of drug that you ingest or take in, it is very normal to question the safety of fat burners to avoid compromising your health. In general, fat burning supplements are safe to use provided that they meet certain conditions. First, they should be made of ingredients that were carefully studied and have undergone adequate testing. As a responsible consumer, the first thing that you must do when shopping for a fat burning supplement is to look at the ingredient list. Do not just read them, but also take time to do a quick research about them to check if they really have been proven to help people lose weight. Green tea, for instance, has scientifically been found to improve metabolism and proven safe if taken in the proper dosage. Aim to learn this basic information on every ingredient that you find on the label.

Second, the supplement must be manufactured by a reputable company in a clean, state-of-the-art, and quality certified facility. Unfortunately, with the growing market for fat burners, some companies have jumped on the wagon just to make a profit. They either sell fake supplements or prepare their products in an unclean environment and this can result to safety issues. Their substandard methods allow them to sell their products at lower costs, which make them a hit in the market. However, users will see no results and they may even end up experiencing some unwanted side effects. Hence, only stick with reputable companies that have been certified by authorized agencies to manufacture weight loss supplements and do not be easily fooled by the cheap prices of some supplements.

Third, proper dosage must be followed. Anything taken in excess is dangerous, so no matter how safe a fat burning supplement is, it can prove harmful if more than the recommended daily dosage is ingested. Read the label for instructions and consult with your physician, especially if you are pregnant, has a medical condition, or nursing a baby.

As mentioned, fat burners are generally safe to use and most of them really are effective at helping you lose weight. You just have to make sure that the supplement you buy meets the conditions stated above to avoid fake and low quality products that can cause some side effects. Once you know how to wisely pick your fat burning supplement, you will be on your way to shedding those excess pounds safely.